The awareness of self-care month is in need of an extension past time. Self-care is an important part of personal wellbeing, and one way to nourish ourselves is through mindfulness and meditation. But what is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is the act of being present, aware, and in the moment. It encourages us to take the time to stop and really pay attention to our thoughts, feelings, and environment. 

Mindfulness has a range of benefits for self-care. It lowers stress levels by making us more aware of our emotions, and how to handle them in a healthy way. Being mindful provides clarity and focus which can help us make decisions with confidence and better understand our goals without the need to cut things short or stretch ourselves thin. It encourages us to really listen to our body to recognize when rest is needed and when energy needs to be used. 

Mindfulness encourages us to be more aware of our bodies and our environment. We can use this practice to better recognize how something affects us, whether that’s a certain food or activity, a stressful situation, or a feeling of joy. Being mindful allows us to take a step back and reflect on our thoughts and feelings in a way that can help us make better decisions. We have no idea the strength built within acknowledging our mindful state that could carry into the future for ourselves and our goals whether it be family, work, dreams, and more.

Mindfulness and self-care go hand-in-hand. Regularly practicing mindfulness is a great way to promote positive self-care and create a healthier relationship with ourselves. We can use mindfulness to be in tune with ourselves, and to create moments of tranquility in our day to day lives. 

Mindfulness provides us with the opportunity to take the time to deliberately recognize what our body and mind is feeling and to practice acceptance. To care for ourselves, taking time to incorporate mindfulness into our lives is essential. Mindfulness can create a greater understanding and appreciation for our thoughts, feelings, and actions, enabling us to make decisions that reflect our values and goals. We can use mindfulness to nurture and nourish ourselves, and to help us take the time to really connect with ourselves and bring forth the better for this world at the same time. 

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